When your hunger is ready for a 5v5, Pwnmeal XGO will be ready for your face in 4 extreme flavors.

Strawberries and Carnage
We gibbed farm-fresh strawberries and imprisoned their freeze-dried forms in your breakfast pouch, prepped to fuel your next kill streak with a massive payload of phytonutrients.

No Scope Headshot Blueberry
When an enemy pops up on your HUD, there's no time to switch to your sidearm. Line it up and pull the trigger with a sweet, warm BFG (the B is for blueberry).

MOBAnana Bread
Clear the fog of war with a hearty defense of the ancients' diet for breakfast: fiber-jammed oats, potassium-crammed banana and 120% of your RDA of niacin. (Fruit not included.)

Cinnamon K/D Ratioatmeal
Give your opponents the stick - the cinnamon stick - with a high-energy spiced hammer of dawn. Cinnamon from orbit: it's the only way to be full.