Cards Against Humanity

2013 classroom shopping spree

Last month, 100,000 people paid us $12 to receive 12 mystery gifts over 12 days. On the tenth day, we donated everyone’s dollar to public school classrooms across the U.S. using is an online charity that lets anyone help students in need. Public school teachers from all over America post classroom project requests on their site, and you can give any amount to the projects that you care about the most. We gave $100,000 to fund projects in high-poverty classrooms around the country.

38,318: students we bought stuff for

That’s a lot of children. If we stacked them end to end, they would be as tall as a very tall thing.

If enslaved, 38,318 children could build two pyramids every ten years without the use of pulleys, wheels, or iron tools.

38,318 average-weight children could feed 952 Burmese tigers eating 11 lbs/day for one year.

(A hungry adult tiger could eat two fat six-year-olds in a single sitting).

Fun fact: Tigers usually kill with a bite to the neck or the back of the head.

If 38,318 public school students were conscripted into Joseph Kony’s army of child soldiers, it would give him a fighting force as large as Alexander the Great’s.

A child in Alexander the Great’s army would have marched 22,000 miles and burned 2,431,000 calories. Way better than recess.

38,318 children could sweep 38,318 Victorian chimneys.

(Chimney sweeps slept under “soot sacks” riddled with carcinogens and were prone to “soot wart,” the Victorian name for scrotal cancer. Don’t google it.)

Fun fact: A child's tiny, supple body is well suited for flues as narrow as 0 inches.

How we spent your money:

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